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Relatos íntimos de algunas de las voces más influyentes en Latinoamérica, sólo en Everand

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7 historias únicas sobre la salud mental

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Sobre las autoras

La autora de Mugre rosa teje la conmovedora historia de una madre en una relación intermitente con un alcohólico, explorando las luchas contra las adicciones y la maternidad, mientras busca sentido en medio de las dificultades cotidianas.

Fernanda Trías - Marabunta

Monge ofrece reflexión sobre la estrecha relación entre la salud mental y los lazos familiares, entrelazando sus propios recuerdos con exquisitas metáforas sobre la escritura y la mente.

Emiliano Monge - Cosas que hasta entonces no habían estado allí

A través de su prosa poética, la autora de Línea nigra y Punto de cruz nos sumerge en la relación con su abuela y la memoria, con el puerto de Acapulco como telón de fondo.

Jazmina Barrera - Acapulco

La autora de Ceniza en la boca aborda la maternidad con agudas referencias a la cultura pop, abordando la salud mental a través de una perspectiva penetrante sobre el abandono y la sanación.

Brenda Navarro - Una canción sin volumen

La periodista mexicana comparte su experiencia personal: ansiedad, resiliencia y el impacto del trauma como consecuencia del activismo.

Lydia Cacho - Vivir en esta cabeza

Con su característica prosa poética y oscura, Dolores Reyes cuenta la historia de tres amigos que se transforman, literal y metafóricamente, tras la partida de una persona querida.

Dolores Reyes - El último vuelo

La autora de El matrimonio de los peces rojos, presenta una historia que aborda los desórdenes alimenticios, la violencia, la sociedad y el mundo de las apariencias.

Guadalupe Nettel - El derecho a la ira

Uncover the secrets of breaking the endless cycle of dating mistakes with bestselling author Lane Moore.

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It’s not just you—the struggle is real. 

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Dating in a modern world can be, shall we say, challenging. Between deciphering mixed messages about what is — or isn’t — a red flag, or finding potential romantic prospects that turn out to be all-around disappointing, it’s easy to get dating and relationship fatigue. Throw in the relentless cultural pressure to find the right person before it’s “too late,” and it becomes a high-stakes nightmare. No wonder so many of us feel like we’re messing it up and can’t seem to trust our own instincts.

Bestselling author and comedian Lane Moore, whose hugely popular Tinder Live with Lane Moore shows have earned widespread acclaim, is no stranger to what she calls the “endless cycle of mistakes” that we find ourselves making in the quest for love. In You’re Not the Only One F*cking Up: Breaking the Endless Cycle of Dating Mistakes, Moore explores the trials and tribulations of real people who have been through the struggle of navigating the dating pool yet still surfaced to the top. Drawing from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, their firsthand stories paint a comprehensive picture of the pitfalls that come with modern dating. She also shares moments from her own personal battles with this cycle, while reassuring the reader how each of these mistakes made over… and over… ultimately can lead us back to trusting what works for our own selves. Moore breaks down everything from missed warning signs to mistaking “potential” for love, while using her signature empathy and humor to offer actionable insight on how to grow through the all-too-frequent errors we tend to (unintentionally) make.

Going beyond dating advice, You’re Not the Only One F*cking Up is a testament to the universality of the human inclination to screw up, and a call to prioritize the love and trust we have in ourselves despite living in a societal culture that aims to tell us there’s only one right way to establish romantic relationships. Whether you’re currently seeking — or in — a relationship, if you’re an expert on the digital dating landscape, or even if you’ve been out of the dating scene for years, there’s plenty to relate to — and learn from — in this Original audiobook and ebook from Lane Moore.

You’re Not the Only One F*cking Up: Breaking the Endless Cycle of Dating Mistakes

About the author

Lane Moore is an award-winning writer, actor, comedian, and musician. She was hailed by the The New York Times as “ingenious. The way she manipulates tone and pace reveals an artist supremely confident in her form.” She is the host of I Thought It Was Just Me podcast on Patreon.

Her first book, How To Be Alone: If You Want To And Even If You Don’t, became an instant #1 bestseller and was praised as one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, New York Magazine, NPR, Good Morning America, Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Marie Claire, and many others. Moore also gave a TEDx Talk based on the book, called How To Be Alone. Her second book, You Will Find Your People: How To Make Meaningful Friendships As An Adult, became an instant #1 bestseller and received critical acclaim from The Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine, Good Morning America, NPR, The Atlantic, Vulture, Publisher’s Weekly, CBS, BUST, The New York Post, and many more.

Her writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The Onion, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Elle, Teen Vogue, GQ, and many more. As the Sex and Relationships Editor for Cosmopolitan, she won a GLAAD award for her groundbreaking work championing diverse, inclusive coverage.

Her comedy show “Tinder Live!” is regarded as one of the best comedy shows in the the world and has been praised by The New York Times, Spin Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, CBS, Time Out New York, and New York Magazine. As a musician, Moore is the frontperson and songwriter in the band “It Was Romance” which has been praised by Pitchfork, Vogue, Paste, and Billboard.

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